Fit-for-purpose advanced process control solutions for the process industry
Improved asset utilization and unit availability
Increased throughputs, product selectivity and yields
Energy minimization, reduced emissions, and improved environmental compliance

Our story

Lakshman Natarajan, Principal Consultant and Managing Member at RemoteSP, has over 30 years of experience applying advanced process control solutions to oil refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide. Deep domain knowledge (process understanding/ overall economics) coupled with extensive technical expertise in constrained multi-variable control system identification and control techniques are his keys to success.

Advanced process control application expertise includes most refining process units (crude, FCC, delayed coking, gas plants, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, reforming, alkylation, aromatics) and major petrochemicals (ethylene, ammonia, acrylonitrile, acetonitrile).

RemoteSP has successfully developed and deployed hi-fidelity product property estimators (or inferentials) as a part and parcel of APC projects. Successful implementation of APC for process units is often predicated on the availability of these product stream property estimators (this may be true even in those rare occasions where online process analyzers are available).

Typical examples of stream property estimators/ inferentials include:

We are platform agnostic, and have deployed APC controllers using AspenTech (DMC3 & DMCPlus), Honeywell Profit Suite, and Emerson PredictPro software platforms interfaced to Honeywell, Emerson, ABB, and other common DCS systems.

Soft sensors